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开头一小段为男生唱的,有yEs和lEt's go,后面为女...

疯了 (Feat.Eric) - 孙丹菲

怎么办-brown eyed girls

Let's Go - Travis Barker 如果开头只叫了一句: Let's Go 的有 = Justin Bieber 的 » One Less Lonely Girl The Downfall Of Us All - A Day To Remember Trick Daddy - Let's Go (feat. Lil Jon & Twista) 你试听下哪个是你要找的

布兰妮的《me against the music》里面有“let's go.”

One direction - live while we're young

shania twain - I m Gonna Getcha Good 名字叫:I m Gonna Getcha Good Shania Twain 演唱:仙妮亚.唐恩 可...

应该是这个 歌名: i m gonna getcha good 地址是: 希望是你想要的。

找对人了,哈哈~Go To SleepGuilty ConsciencemoshDeja VuBusinessBrain DamageTrack 02I'm Having a RelapseSquare DanceWithout MeSing For The MomentLose Yourself (CDS)The Real Slim ShadyMy Name IsWhen I'm Gone - DirtyNumb Encore (Re...

i'm gonna getcha good - shania twain

Lily Allen 的Air Balloon里有这么一句let's go right now,看是不是你说的歌,我没玩过这个游戏,不太熟悉。如果是的话,望采纳!

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