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what is he like?

He's a little impatient/cranky impatient 没有耐心的,急躁的 Cranky 性格暴躁的,易生气的 直接说He is后面加形容词是很地道的讲法 也可以说成 He has some temper 他有点脾气

outgoing更加常用 如果专业一点的词汇就是extrovert

character; nature; temperament; 1、照我对她的性格的了解来看,她是个特别负责任的人,不会做出那些事情的。 My reading of her character makes me feel that she was too responsible a person to do those things. 2、怨天尤人根本就不是她...

be like 问性格 look like 问外貌 be like 范围更大一些,有时候既问性格也问外貌 What's your sister like?你姐姐怎么样?/你姐姐是怎样一个人? She is kind.她很善良。 She is a beautiful kind girl with long hair and two big eyes.她是一...

性格特征 character trait 一个人的性格特征 the impress of one's personality Your preference of one color over the other can easily express your personality and character traits. 你对颜色的喜好可以看出你的个性和性格特征

She is vevry kind..

他性格比较直率 His character is quite straightforward.

性格决定命运 : A man's own character shape his fortune. 另附: 决定...的命运 shape the destiny of 人品决定命运。 A man's own character shape his fortune. 决定人类命运的是人民。 It is the people who will determine the destiny o...

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